New York C-All™ Pass

You are planning a trip to New York and want to visit some of the most popular sights within a few days? You don't want to buy each ticket separately, but get everything from one source if possible and save money at the same time?

Then the New York C-All™ Pass is just right for you!

On this page you will learn everything about the product of the company CityPASS®:

How the New York C-All™ Pass works

The New York C-All™ Pass is an attractive sightseeing package from the CityPASS® company. With the C-All™ Pass you can visit ten New York sights. The same company offers other New York passes (New York CityPASS®, New York C3® Pass), but this page is exclusively about the C-All™ Pass.

You have up to nine days to take advantage of the ten offers. The New York C-All™ Pass is a digital product that you can download to your cell phone. The C-All™ Pass is available and ready to use immediately after purchase.


Digital product

Buy New York C-All™ Pass online and then download it to your phone. It is ready to use immediately. You can make an appointment for many attractions.


Valid 9 days

Once you use the New York C-All™ Pass for the first time, it is valid for nine days. During this time you can visit up to ten attractions.


10 attractions

Visit up to ten top attractions in New York with the C-All™ Pass. Show your digital C-All™ Pass at the box office.

10 attractions with C-All™ Pass

  • Empire State Building
  • Top of the Rock
  • Ferry to Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island
  • 9/11 Memorial & Museum
  • Boat trip with Circle Line Cruises
  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
  • Guggenheim Museum
  • Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
  • Edge at Hudson Yards
  • Boat trip with City Cruises
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Long validity: The New York C-All™ Pass is valid for 9 days from activation. These are consecutive calendar days. Up to ten attractions can be visited during this period. Activation takes place during the first visit.

Digital ticket for the phone: The New York C-All™ Pass is a digital-only product that you can conveniently save to your phone. Alternatively, you can also print out a QR code.

Price for the New York C-All™ Pass

  • 219 (adults aged 18 and over)
  • 159 (children and young people aged 6 - 17)

These are the regular prices on the website. On the official website there is an additional small booking fee.

New York C-All™ Pass: Attractions

The New York C-All™ Pass includes ten attractions - including three major viewing platforms, four popular museums and three boat rides. All attractions are listed in the table below.

All services can be used without additional tickets.


New York 

C-All™ Pass

Price without New

York C-All™ Pass

Empire State Building

Free of charge


Top of the Rock Observation Deck

Free of charge


Ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Free of charge


9/11 Memorial & Museum

Free of charge


Circle Line Cruise (Liberty Midtown Cruise or Liberty Express)

Free of charge


Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Free of charge


Guggenheim Museum

Free of charge


Museum of Modern Art

Free of charge


Edge at Hudson Yards

Free of charge


City Cruises (Downtown Cruise)

Free of charge


Many attractions in New York are quite expensive. If you visit especially the expensive attractions, the New York C-All™ Pass will pay for itself quickly.

In addition, you will receive discounts on some attractions: All offers and discounts can be found here.

These attractions are missing

The selection of attractions is very good, but there are some attractions that are not covered by C-All™ Pass:

  • One World Observatory
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met)
  • SUMMIT One Vanderbuilt
  • Hop-on/hop-off bus
  • Guided city tours

If you absolutely want to visit any of these attractions, you will have to buy individual tickets for them. However, many of these attractions are included in other New York passes.

In some cities, it is common to also use public transportation for free with a Sightseeing Pass. Unfortunately, this is not possible with the New York C-All™ Pass and is not included in any other product.

Reservations required

Please note that reservations are required for most attractions.

As soon as you have purchased the New York C-All™ Pass, you should make the reservations. There is a convenient online portal for this at every provider. The reservation alone does not activate the New York C-All™ Pass. The pass is activated only when you visit the first attraction.

We recommend that you always make a reservation, even if you are not required to do so. Only in this way we can guarantee your visit. You also shorten the waiting time at the attractions.

Here you will find an overview of all services subject to reservation: Reservations with the C-All™ Pass.

What we like about the New York C-All™ Pass

The New York C-All™ Pass is a very interesting product for sightseeing in New York. There are some arguments in favor of the C-All™ Pass:

Very good selection of attractions

With New York C-All™ Pass you can visit several top attractions. The selection is very high quality.

Long validity

The New York C-All™ Pass is valid for nine days from activation. That should be enough time for most visitors.

Digital product

Quickly and conveniently load the New York C-All™ Pass onto your phone. No need to pick it up anywhere, you can use it immediately after purchase.

Good value for money

With the C-All™ Pass you get a lot for your money. Since many attractions are expensive, the New York C-All™ Pass pays for itself quickly. If you visit at least seven or eight attractions, the pass will save you money.

Preferential admission through reservations

You can reserve a time slot for most participating attractions. The reservation is conveniently made online. With a time slot ticket, you enjoy priority admission in each case. This reduces waiting times at the attractions.

What we like less

The New York C-All™ Pass is a good product, but not a perfect one. There are some drawbacks that we like less:

No public transport

The New York C-All™ Pass does not entitle you to use public transportation.

Some attractions missing

Since the C-All™ Pass includes only ten attractions, some important sights and tourist attractions are missing.

Other New York passes have much more to offer: for example. The New York PassNew York Explorer Pass and Sightseeing Pass.

You should visit at least seven attractions

Since the C-All™ Pass costs almost $200, you should visit as many attractions as possible to save some money with the pass. If you choose mainly the expensive services, the C-All™ Pass will pay for you.

Reservations required

You will have to take care of reserving some time slots on your own. However, this has the advantage that you can avoid waiting times.

There is a reservation fee (

When purchased on, there is a booking fee of $2 per pass.

Is the C-All™ Pass worth it?

Our opinion: Yes, the New York C-All™ Pass® is worthwhile for many visitors. The pass is suitable if you are interested in at least seven of the ten attractions. You have up to nine days for this.

Waiting times are largely avoided, as a time slot can be reserved for all attractions. In addition, it is very convenient to be able to simply download the pass to your own cell phone.

One drawback is that there are only ten attractions to choose from. Other New York passes offer significantly more. In particular, sightseeing tours by bus and guided city tours are not included in the C-All™ Pass.

New York C-All™ Pass

CityPASS Logo
Number of attractions
Quality of the attractions
Long validity
Fast entry / Reservations
Easy to use on the phone
Value for money


We think that New York C-All™ Pass is worth the money, because most of the attractions in New York are very expensive. You save a lot of money if you choose the most expensive attractions.


Questions & Answers

How does the New York C-All™ Pass work?

The New York C-All™ Pass is available online and can be used immediately after purchase. Download the digital New York C-All™ Pass to your phone and show the QR code at participating attractions. Within nine days you can visit all ten attractions.

Is the New York C-All™ Pass worth it?

Yes, from our point of view, the New York C-All™ Pass is worth it for some visitors. One requirement is that you are interested in at least seven of the ten included attractions.

Does the New York C-All™ Pass grant fast admission?

Yes! You can reserve a time slot for most attractions to avoid waiting.

Can I use public transportation with the New York C-All™ Pass?

Unfortunately, no. No New York Pass grants free travel on public transport.

How do I reach CityPASS® customer service?

You can reach the customer service of CityPASS® via a contact form or by phone at +1 (208) 787-4300.

Can I cancel the purchase free of charge?

Yes, when you buy the C-All™ Pass from, you have a money-back guarantee valid for up to 365 days after purchase.

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